VibePro 6 iPad Vibration Analyzer

VibePro 6 -ViTech

VibePro is a vibration analyzer application that collects and analyzes vibration signals to the iPad. The application can be used either for single readings or doing full vibration analysis routes. Route data can be post-processed directly in VibePro or in a myriad of apps available for other platforms including: Windows, Mac or through a web application.


Settings Functions

Axis Scales
Cursor Options
Spectrum Data On/Off

Number of Samples/sec


Frequency Resolution at 0.33 Hz

6400 lines of resolution

AD Conversion

24 bits
48 kHz

Additional Information

  • Simple pinch to zoom frequency range
  • Full FFT signature graph from 0 to 20 kHz or 0 to 1.2 million CPM
  • Measuring in Acceleration (Gs) or Velocity (in/sec)
  • Metric and Imperial settings available
  • Full listing of the top six frequencies in order of highest amplitude
  • Dropbox or local saving option

VibePro is the heart of GTI’s iPad Predictive maintenance program. Additional apps allow for dynamic balancing, thermography, shaft laser alignment, leveling, vibration transmissibility and additional tools for those working in the predictive maintenance industry. Every iPad Vibration Analyzer ships with a 2-channel DAQ box making it upgradable to support additional apps, hardware and features.


Single Measurements

  • Full Spectrum
  • Email/Print Reports

Route Data Collection

  • Create, Edit and Manage Routes
  • Custom Options for Measuring Points

Post-Processing, Trending and Maintenance Records

  • View plant status
  • Review past readings
  • View trending data
  • View and create maintenance events

Equipment Monitoring System

  • View and interact with all recorded spectrums, trends and data through a website available on any computer
  • Generate reports to evaluate status across your entire plant


  • Real Time Spectrum Analysis
  • Single measurement reports with easy email sharing
  • Recorded readings for post processing
  • Routes have never been easier with VibePro 6
  • Route measurement trending built into VibePro
  • Free web app available for remote data trending
  • Import and export routes via Dropbox or email
  • Automatic and manual markers on the spectrum
  • Settable RPM and bearing makers with multiples
  • CSV export for use in Microsoft Excel
  • Full FFT Signature graph from 0 to 20 kHz or 0 to 1.2 million CPM



VibePro 6 -ViTechVibePro integrates with the NODE THERMA PRO, which provides temperature data that can be trended alongside your vibration readings. This sensor connects wirelessly to the iPad and provides another great data point for predicting asset failure.