438R Vibration Switches With Remote Transducer

Monitor Vibration From Up to 1,000 Feet Away

The 438R monitors the vibration level of rotating equipment using a velocity or acceleration transducer mounted to your machine and located up to 1,000 feet from the 438R electronics enclosure. The 438R is ideally suited for applications where the electronics should be easily accessible but the point to be monitored is in a dangerous or inconvenient area such as a cooling tower fan, overhead conveyor or remote pumping station. The 438R is also used in applications where the point to be monitored has a rounded surface, such as a bearing block.

AC and DC signal outputs allow for communication to external devices such as spectrum analyzers, PLCs and Distributed Control Systems. Relays for Alarm and Trip give the capability for early warning and shutdown of your equipment when increased vibration levels are detected. Enclosures are available for wet, corrosive or hazardous environments and transducers for temperatures up to 500F/260C.

Part No.Used with Transducer Model No.Max. Transducer TempTransducer Frequency ResponseEnclosureInput Power
53285-3 4073 250F/121C 0.8 – 10000 Hz NEMA 4 120/220V AC (field-selectable)
53285-7 4034 160F/71C 12 – 1000 Hz NEMA 4 120/220V AC (field-selectable)
53285-8 4034 160F/71C 12 – 1000 Hz Explosion-proof 120/220V AC (field-selectable)
53285-24 4073 250F/121C 0.8 – 10000 Hz NEMA 4X 120/220V AC (field-selectable)
53285-31 4073 250F/121C 0.8 – 10000 Hz NEMA 4 24V DC
53285-36 4033-400 400F/204C 20 – 1500 Hz NEMA 4 120/220V AC (field-selectable)
53285-36 4033-500 500F/260C 20 – 1500 Hz NEMA 4 120/220V AC (field-selectable)


Measurement Mode


Transducer Model No.

Determined by temperature at mounting point and frequency response required

Analog Output (DC)

4 – 20 mA

Enclosure Operating Temperature

-25 to +160F (-32 to +71C)


NEMA 4, NEMA 4X or Explosion-proof (Class I, Groups C&D; Class II Groups E,F&G)

Cable Assembly Length

Up to 1000 ft. (305M)

Field Adjustable Characteristics

Power input

120 or 220V AC (switch-selectable)

Full scale range

0 – 1 in/sec or 0 – 3 in/sec

Alarm & Trip setpoints

0 – 100% of full scale range

Relay state

Normally de-energized (closes above setpoint) or normally energized (opens above setpoint)

Relay configuration

Latching or non-latching

Relay time delay

0 to 20 sec, each relay

AC signal output

100 mV/g or 100 mV/in/sec